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tamponxmassacre's Journal

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this is a RATING community... you think you got it then apply here ♥!

um. our sister community is jizzxcore...

thats all for now..

The Rules
1. you must be at least 15
2. promotion of other communites is mandatory
3. you cant vote unless you are a member
4. use a fucking LJ cut
5. after joining you have 48 hours to post pictures, OR ELSE (you will be removed)
6. no fighting with the moderators..if you do you will be banned!

1. name and age:
2. name 8 bands that you ♥:
3. name 6 movies that you ♥:
4. name the best show that you have ever been to:
4. list some things you enjoy doing:
5. post at least 5 pictures USING A LJ CUT!

the moderators are...

giana basket_case469


and allison pinkswing897