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I figured i would just get it over with

1. name and age: Matt, 17
2. name 8 bands that you ♥:
-Bad Brains
-Aus Rotten
-Modest Mouse
-Dont make fun of me but Flogging Molly
-Aesop Rock
-Co Flow
-Blood for Blood
3. name 6 movies that you ♥:
oh man..i cant watch many movies

-A clockwork Orange
-Fear and loathing
-Day of the dead
-American History X
-Donny Darko
-House of 100 Corpses
-Requim for a dream

4. name the best show that you have ever been to: Fuck Clear channel wiith Nick Sulliven, Chink, And Emily, we had a good time and i sat in lots of beer.

5. list some things you enjoy doing: Riding Chilling, Skavenging.
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