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i decided to finally posttt..

1. name and age: Jessie..15
2. name 8 bands that you ♥:
-the ramones
-johnny thunders
-bright eyes
-saves the day
-operation ivy
-ted leo & the pharmacists
-pretty girls make graves
-the strokes
3. name 6 movies that you ♥:
oh man..i cant watch many movies

-BLOW..of course
-Great makes me cry everytime
-The African Queen..i love old movies
-Whatever Happened To Baby Jane
-Dazed And Confused
-eh..i like Selena..?
-welcome to the doll house, i saw it the other day and laughed the entire time..

4. name the best show that you have ever been to: Brand New free outside show in Providence. it was the first time i had ever hung out with Whitney, even though we had known eachother for...a lot of years..and it was awesome show for them, and it was warm out and nice and happy..swdfksdfj good times.

5. list some things you enjoy doing: drugs..and drugs.

haha the emoest picture of me..ever.

uahsa over exposed

what i look like stoned with sunglasses from the thrift store on..

wtf i dont have 5 pictures..gclkddsf now i am just putting in shitty ones

on the way to ted leo concert..

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